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Five Top Destinations to Travel Around the World

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Many of the top travel destinations are beach getaways, with Caribbean islands making several cameos on the list. One might imagine the Seychelles serves as the island-of-choice for those in Asia or Africa. Of course, classic European mainstays Rome and London are favorites, as well.

The full list of global travel destinations most-searched by people in the U.S. is below.

1. Hawaii

It’s not surprising to see Hawaii in the top spot — the islands are tourist-friendly with everything from nightlife to hiking to surfing. The Honolulu marathon is in December and Ironman in October, drawing athletes to the islands, but for hobbyists the island have kayaking, hiking and other water sports to offer.

2. Bahamas

The most popular of Caribbean destinations, the Bahamas include about 2,000 islands, including San Salvador, where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492. Junkanoo is a local celebration not to be missed — there are costumes, cowbells and conch-shell horns — and parades take place on Boxing Day and on New Year’s Day.

3. London

London was the top choice of European destinations, perhaps due in part to hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics. Spring and Fall offer the best weather, but London is magical during the Christmas and New Year’s season with lots of celebrations going on — it depends on whether your plans include museums and operas, or enjoying London’s parks and visiting historic sites.

4. Istanbul

On the edge of both Europe and Asia, Istanbul’s urban locale is a melting pot, featuring world-class shopping, restaurants, landmarks and nightlife. The Hagia Sofia is a favorite — it was the world’s largest cathedral for almost a thousand years, and is now a museum.

5. Puerto Rico

A U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is easily accessible for US citizens as it doesn’t require a passport. Some call it “the beach of the Northeast” because of the plethora of tourists who come down to catch some sun. The busy season runs from November through April.

The Disney Parks, Florida – the Best Family Vacation Options

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

One of the best places to have a family vacations is Florida. It is a state which has more theme parks, resorts, sports venues and entertainment centers then any other place in the world. The Disney parks in Florida should be the best choice for your family’s wonderful vacation.

The best part of the vacation in Florida is the ease and flexibility with which you can plan it due to the convenience offered by the proximity of the Disney parks with each other. Florida theme park tickets are available in packages. You can get reasonably priced tickets in which admission to four or five theme parks plus complementary tickets to one or more interesting places are also included.

Disney World was opened in 1971. It is spread over an area of 47 square miles. It has four parks two water parks golf courses, shopping centers and hotels based on different themes. The main attractions of Disney for which cheap tickets are available include

•Magic Kingdom.
•EPCOT center.
•Animal Kingdom
•Disney Hollywood Studios.
•Water Park known as Typhoon Lagoon.

Universal Studio:

Universal studio is one of the top resorts in Orlando and it offers a wide variety of attractions for the tourists. A person can combine showbiz with roller coasters and other thrill rides to have fun and have lasting memories for a life time In Island of Adventures. Universal Studios has now opened a new theme park based on the adventures of Harry Potter. Its rides include The Simpson Ride, Shrek 4 D Alien Attach E.T etc.

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